Watermelon Peperomia




With its full canopy, multiple canes & pink leaves this variety of “dragon tree” can bring a dramatic flair into any space. This eye catching plant reminds you to take up space, be unapologetically you & embrace all the most unique parts of who you are. Soil: needs a well draining indoor potting soil, amend soil with a good amount of sand and/or peat moss. Feed lightly, only at the start of spring. Watering: overwatering and fluoride in tap water are both a concern for the Dragon tree. Wait until soil dries out between waterings and consider using distilled water or allowing your water to sit out overnight so the fluoride can dissipate before watering. Brown tips = overwatering and yellow tips = underwatering.Light: best growth & vibrant coloring in bright light, but can also do just fine in low light situations.

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Nursery Pot 6"

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