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The Majesty Palm is the friends who is always late but look good whenever they arrive, all their energy goes into staying healthy and vibrant.

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The Majesty Palm is the friend who is always late but look good whenever they arrive. They don’t always grow fast because all their energy goes into staying healthy and vibrant. It’s hard for this plant to not look good.

Bringing the tropical vibes, this plant may remind you to find pleasure in your surroundings, no matter the difficulty. The majesty palms take their time so they’re able elevate any space that welcomes them. In a world of roses, be a palm! As a sun symbol, the palm represented health and vitality in ancient cultures.


Thriving best in bright, indirect light, the majesty palm needs well draining soil. Amend standard potting mix with sand and/or peat moss and consider adding an inch of lava rocks at the bottom of your pot to ensure happy roots! Feed during spring & summer months only, about every other month. The tall plant enjoys consistently moist soil, so don’t allow soil to dry completely between waterings. Happiest with some extra humidity so spray leaves a few times each week.

Make it mindful:

As you mist this plant, saying positive affirmations is a great way to practice mindfulness.


The majesty palm is native to the island of Madagascar. It gets its name scientific name, Ravenea rivularis from raven meaning “wise” and rivularis meaning “of the river”. This plant is known to grow along riverbanks in its native land. Egyptians considered relatives of this plant “the tree of life”


Majesty palms rarely bloom their frilly white flowers until they are fully mature. They rarely bloom indoors.

Astrological Association:


Please Note:

No parts of this plant are poisonous if ingested, it’s not toxic to humans and animals.


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