Ficus Robusta Burgundy



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This easy going, deep hued rubber plant makes a beautiful addition to any plant lover’s space. Its wide, shiny leaves are believed to encourage abundance, happiness and wealth, three things most of us can use more of in our lives. Let the ficus burgundy help you call in prosperity and remind you of your worthiness. soil: needs well draining soil, ideally amend soil with peat moss and sand. Feed 1x per month during summer/active growing.10″ pots are 3′ in height.Watering: water when soil is somewhat dry. Avoid overwatering! Enjoys humidity so mist leaves a few times per week. Light: thrives in bright/indirect sunlight, and leaves will display richest color. Can tolerate low light, but growth will slow and coloring will not be as vibrant

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6", 10" Nursery Pot

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