Varieties of the Dracaena call for us to pause in our busy days and face the conflicting and chaotic forces that are at play in our life.


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Taking some time to care for the frenzied Dracaena is sure to welcome brightness into even the dullest of days. All varieties of this plant call for us to pause in our busy days and face the conflicting and chaotic forces that are at play in our life.  It also reminds us that chaos can be a necessary force for creating positive change.

Its full canopy of leaves this variety of “dragon tree” can bring a dramatic flair into any space. This eye catching plant reminds you to take up space, be unapologetically you & embrace all the most unique parts of who you are.


Happiest in medium light, the Dracaena likes fast draining soil, consider adding lava rocks to the bottom inch of the pot to support adequate drainage. Water this plant lightly and allow top inch of soil to dry between waterings. It’s very sensitive to fluoride present in tap water. Consider using filtered water, or allow water to sit out overnight so fluoride can dissipate before watering. Drooping or browning leaves = overwatering. 

Make it mindful:

Move this plant to a sunny spot as you reflect and shed light on the things you’ve been avoiding.


The Dracaena is native to the island of Madagascar and can be found in areas in Sudan south all the way to Mozambique. The word Dracaena (pronounced Dra-see-na) comes from the Ancient Greek word, Drakaina, meaning female dragon or she-dragon.


Dracaena flowering is pretty random, especially for plants grown indoors. Many dracaena varieties may bloom unexpectedly after up to 10 years of not flowering. Common bloom times are said to be early winter and late early summer.

Astrological Association:

Aries, Mars

Please Note:

All parts of this plant are poisonous if ingested, it is toxic to humans and animals.


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