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The dieffenbachia embodies resilience. Amongst the easiest to propagate, they love water just as much as soil. This history of this plant’s former uses and traits speak to how it loves triumph. It was used as a mode of punishment to enslaved people, then on slave owners as a mode of rebellion. Seeing this fast growing plant thrive and adapt to its environment is the perfect inspiration to confidently and creatively approach new challenges and phases of life.Soil: regular potting soil, but mix some sand in for better aeration. Feed 2x month during summer & spring. Yellowing leaves can mean not enough drainage or overwatering.Watering: likes soil to stay moist, water when the top inch or soil seems to be drying. Never let the soil completely dry out. Also thrives in humid environments, so mist regularly!Light: happiest in moderate to bright light, but never direct sun! Can also tolerate lower light environments.

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