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Calatheas never stops moving. The beautiful prayer plant is open and moving during the day and closed at night. Physical activity works to reduce stress, boosts mood and focus. To stay healthy and moving, Beauty stars need consistent moisture (and good light). Watering to keep this plant moist helps remind you to nourish yourself and give your body what it needs in each moment. Soil: indoor potting mix works well. Feed 1x month during spring & summer months. Watering: enjoys moist, but not soggy soil. Allow top inch of soil to dry out between waterings. Wilting leaves can be a sign of overwatering. Loves humid environments, mist leaves several times each week. Brown edges on leaves = not enough humidity. Light: Avoid direct sun as leaves will burn. Thrives in moderate to bright indirect light.

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Calathea Beauty Star – Nursery Pot

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