Bird’s Nest Fern


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Welcoming the wavy, bright green, playful fronds of a bird’s nest fern into your space can be like taking in a breath of fresh air. As you care for this joyous fern let it remind you that coming back to your center and finding balance is always available, even during the most challenging of times. We all need a little of this, and a little of that to be our very best selves, just like this sweet plant friend. Soil: Prefers a peat based potting mix that drains well but holds onto moisture with lots of organic matter. Feed monthly during spring & summer. Watering: Keep soil consistently moist, but not soggy. Avoid watering near the “nest” or center part of this plant as it can create rot & mold. Thrives in warm & moist environments, use a humidifier nearby or group with other plants. Light: Needs some light, but partial shade. Northern facing windows are great.

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